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Zero DC Short Harness

Latest design from Europe, this harness is a great choice for any dog sport and offers maximum comfort to your dog. Can also be used as a walking harness. The harness directs the pulling force to your dog's chest and shoulders, without restricting movement of the legs. The wide straps distribute the pulling force evenly and prevent the harness from twisting.

Strong, tailored shoulder and chest plates, made of water repellent, quick dry material, with hi-viz reflective strips on all sides of the harness. The harness is lined and lightweight. Neck size is fixed and chest adjustable, two plastic clips to fasten the harness.

The Euro Short harness is an excellent fit for deep chested breeds such as Pointers, Bullmastiffs, Staffies etc, but work equally well on sled dog breeds or almost any other breed. Also small and tiny breeds.

Zero DC harnesses are very popular in Europe, manufactured in Czech Republic by people who compete in both winter and summer dog sports and therefore understand the needs of a performance sports dog harness.

To find the right size you will need to measure (see photo):
1. Neck – where the collar would normally lie on your dog
2. Chest – measure the broadest part behind front legs
3. Back length – from the shoulders (base of neck) to the base of tail

**Please measure carefully as per the picture and instructions, if your dog has long hair make sure to measure the dog - not the hair!**

Please note that sizes SL and smaller are made with lighter weight padding and hardware for small dogs.

Standard sizes:
Mini1: Neck 18-22cm, Chest 35 -45cm, Length 18 - 22cm (Miniature breeds)

Mini2: Neck 24 -27cm, Chest 40 - 55cm, Length 22 - 27cm (Miniature breeds)

XS: Neck 27 – 30cm, Chest 45 – 65cm, Length 27 – 32cm (Border Terriers and similar size dogs)

SL: Neck 30 - 35cm, Chest 50 - 70cm, Length 32 – 40cm (Jack Russels, Beagles and similar size dogs)

SB: Neck 30 - 35cm, Chest 55 - 75cm, Length 40 - 48cm (Border Collies etc)

S: Neck 35 – 40cm, Chest 55 – 75cm, Length 38 – 50cm (approx 13-20kg dogs ; Staffies, Smaller Siberian Huskies etc)

S/M: Neck 40 – 44cm, Chest 65 – 80cm, Length 45 – 55cm (Approx 20-28kg dogs ; Siberian Huskies etc)

M: Neck 45 – 50cm, Chest 65 – 85cm, Length 55 – 65cm (approx 28-35kg dogs; Labradors, German Shepherds etc)

L: Neck 45 – 55cm, Chest 75 – 95cm, Length 55 – 65cm (Approx 35 - 45+kg dogs; German Shepherds, Rottweilers etc)

XL: Neck 50 – 55cm, Chest 85 – 105cm, Length 60 – 75cm (Malamutes, Newfoundlands and similar size dogs)

XXL: Neck 55 – 60cm, Chest 90 -120cm, Length 60 – 75cm (Malamutes, Newfoundlands and similar size dogs)

XXXL: Neck 60 - 65, Chest 95 – 125cm, Length 75 - 90cm (Great Danes and silmilar size dogs)

Custom made name patches can be added on these harnesses - see details below. Also matching "Blizzard" collar available (see Collars - category) - they can be custom made in all the same Euro Short colors and with name patches also.

Please leave a note at the checkout of details for custom made harnesses. PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL NOW BE A $15 EXTRA CHARGE FOR CUSTOM MADE COLORS.

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Non-Stop Dogwear Half Harness - NEW

The Line Harness is the perfect alternative for walking your dog without using their collar. Line Harness is easy fitting and padded all over. This makes the harness very comfortable for the dog to wear for everyday use and many different activities, for example – track training and light running sports.

After fitting the first time, the harness is very easy to take on and off. The harness features two attachment points for your leash: one on the dog’s back for everyday walks or casual running, and one under the dog’s rib cage for tracking and scent training with a long line. The orange loop in the front is a mild anti pull option for training your dog not to pull. The harness has reflective strips on both sides to increase visibility. This harness is mainly designed for walking and light pulling activities.

Technical specifications:
- Metal ring on top for leash
- Nylon webbing loop under for leash
- Nylon webbing loop in front for anti pull
- Nylon webbing
- Hypalon reinforcements
- 3M reflectives
- Duraflex
- Weight: 195 gram size 6

1: Neck circumference 20-26cm (Chihuahua etc)
2: Neck circumference 26-29cm (Jack Russell etc)
3: Neck circumference 29-31cm (Mini Schnauzer etc)
4: Neck circumference 31-34cm (Cocker Spaniel etc)
5: Neck circumference 34-39cm (Border Collie etc)
6: Neck circumference: 41-48cm (English Setter etc)
7: Neck circumference 48-52cm (Malinois etc)
8: Neck circumference 52-58cm (Rottweiler etc)
9: 58-64cm (Bernese Mountain Dog etc)
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Long Distance Harness

This harness is a great choice for activities such as canicross, bikejoring or scootering.
The Long Distance harness has been designed with the priceless expertise of four time Iditarod champion Jeff King. The harness only reaches about half way down the dog's body, which eliminates the pressure on the dog's hips. Closed cell padding around the neck, adjustable body strap, and reflective tape. An excellent choice of harness for any dog with lower back problems! The material used for padding has been tested for wear, does not damage the dogs' hair, and is resistant to icing and moisture.

Click Here - to learn how to choose the right size.
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ManMat Half Lash Harness

This harness is a great choice for recreational sport activities such as Canicross, Bikejoring, Scootering and also just for walking your dog. It is well padded all the way through and light weight, which makes it very comfortable for the dog to wear.

The Half Lash Harness is made of 100% polypropylene, it has been tester for wear and does not damage the dog's coat. It does not freeze and only absorbs minimal amount of water.

To find the right size please measure the girth of the dog's neck snugly just below where the collar sits - make sure you measure the dog, not the hair.
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Harness for Sighthounds

This harness was developed at the request of greyhound, whippet, and sighthound cross breed owners, but works great also on other medium-large breeds, especially on hounds and hound crosses.

The harness is designed to eliminate "under arm" and chest rubbing. This harness is an outstanding choice for walking, canicross, trekking or bikejoring.

For the right size measure your dog's neck where the collar normally lies.

Also LONG version available - we currently have M and L sizes in Blue color in stock.
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Nordkyn Shoulder Harness (Custom made)

A great multi-purpose harness for scootering, bikejoring, canicross, and can also be used as a tracking or walking harness. This harness allows a centre of the back point of attachment, and it also has a D-ring on the top of the neck for walking, or which can be used to attach the harness to the colla to prevent the dog from backing out of the harness. Please note that some of the smaller sizes only have one ring due to the size.

Padding options: Polar Fleece, Neoprene, Super Plush.

Please let us know your preferred padding options in the Note-field at the checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: We order these harnesses in custom made, delivery time is approximately 3 weeks.

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Non-Stop Dogwear Half Harness - Older style

**Only size 7 left**
The new Norwegian Non-Stop Half Harness is ergonomically designed for the optimal protection of the dog’s back and neck and has been developed in cooperation with the Norwegian Army.
Excellent padding for better comfort for the dog, also underneath the buckles to prevent rubbing. The harness fits snugly to keep the dog from freeing itself (which makes it a good choice for those escape artists) or getting caught up. Rings for lines both on the topside and underside (for use as a training harness)
The D-ring on the underside is hidden in a pocket to keep the ring from getting caught by the terrain.
Reflective strips across the entire harness ensures visibility in the dark.

This harness is ideal for everyday use. It's Non-Stop's most universal harness ans suitable for those who prefer a harness rather than a collar for everyday activities. If you want a universal harness and pulling is not your main goal, you'll love this harness.

For the right size measure around the lower part of the dog's neck, just above the chest.

Size 2 30cm
Size 3 34cm
Size 4 38cm approx 12 - 15kg dogs
Size 5 44cm approx 14 - 19kg dogs
Size 6 47cm approx 20 - 25kg dogs
Size 7 52cm approx 25 - 28kg dogs
Size 8 58cm approx 28 - 35kg dogs
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Non-Stop Ultra Harness

The brand new Non-Stop Ultra Harness for 2019 has been designed by Non-Stop for everyday active dogs and can be used for hiking, walking and occasional canicross, as well as for training. It is comfortable for your dog and easy to fit.
The harness is built to last with strong and lightweight materials, notably an innovative breathable fabric that ventilates extremely well. The harness has easily adjustable straps around the neck and chest for a universal fit.
The Ultra harness features three attachment points for your lead or line: one on the dog’s back for everyday walks or casual running, one at the dogs chest for gentle anti pull control and one under the dog’s rib cage for tracking and scent training with a long line. It also features a handle on the back for holding the dog securely.

Matches the Rock Collar - see our collars-category.

Sizes (see photo for measuring instructions):
XS: Chest 40-46cm, Lower Neck 27-38cm
S: Chest 44-62cm, Lower Neck 36-45cm
M: Chest 60-82cm, Lower Neck 43-56cm
L: Chest 75-90cm, Lower Neck 53-75cm
XL Chest 80-104cm, Lower Neck 68-88cm
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Adjustable Walking/Tracking Harness

This harness is adjustable within the following range of sizes. Manufactured by Nordkyn Outfitters, it is great choice if you are not quite sure how to measure your dog correctly, and it is also a great first harness for growing young dogs, as you can adjust it as your dog grows.

This harness is mainly designed for walking and tracking, but can also be used for Canicross, Bikejoring and Scootering. Not recommended for pulling heavier loads.

The harness neck should be adjusted so that the shoulder pad fits firmly at the base of the dog's neck while the padded D-ring is on the dog's breastbone.

Neoprene padding under the rings, buckles and snaps for your dog's comfort, to prevent rubbing or wearing of the coat.

The sizes and colors below are what we have in stock - more sizes and colors available by request (approximately 3 weeks delivery time).

XXS: Dogs under 10kg - 5/8" Webbing
XS: 10 - 18kg - 3/4" Webbing
S: Under 18kg - 1" Webbing
M: 18 - 45kg - 1" Webbing
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Name Patch for Zero DC Gear

Custom made name patch which will be sewed onto Zero DC Harnesses, Belts, Dog Coats or Blizzard Collar. Please note this item needs to be purchased together with the harness/collar/belt. It is custom made so the delivery time for the items is approximately 4 weeks.

Also flags available on request for $10.
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