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Two Dog Bungee Line (ManMat)

This line is great for dog scootering, bikejoring, canicross or walking with two dogs. Approximately 2.5m long when stretched fully and 2.2m unstretched. Made out of 1 inch wide tubular webbing with built-in bungee for each dog. Having a double bungee ensures good, evenly distributed pulling power and reduces tangles from dogs not pulling equally. Trigger clip at each end.

- You can add a neckline for an extra $15 - please leave a note at checkout.
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1 Dog Bungee Line (ManMat)

This durable tug line is great for dog scootering, canicross, bikejoring, skijoring or just walking with one dog. Approx 2.5m long when stretched in full and approx 2.1m unstretched. The bungee helps create a more even pulling experience for both dog and the musher, and helps reduce the possibility of shoulder injuries when the dog lunges into the harness. Trigger clip at each end.
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This durable neckline is manufactured by Nordkyn Outfitters. It is c. 20cm long (excluding snaps).

All Nordkyn ganglines are made of hollow braid polyethylene, tougher and more flexible than polypropylene. They behave better in extreme cold, stretch less, and are more abrasion resistant.

Necklines are used to connect two lead dogs to each other by their collars. When running two or more dogs together it is important that the dogs can run matching speed so the faster dog/s are not dragging the slower one behind, making it an unpleasant experience for the slower dog. This can be avoided by applying brakes and slowing down to the speed of the slowest dog, increasing resistance to the faster one/s.

Reflective stitching is extra $2 (Black, Red and Blue colour only) - Please note that this will not show on the initial order but will be added onto your invoice.
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