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ManMat Walking/ Musher Belt

Originally designed as a belt for long distance mushers, but also great for dog trekking or walking and jogging with your dog.

This belt is extra wide behind your back for better support. Made of compressed water resistant and porous materials the belt is light weight and ensures good extended pulling power. The belt should be sitting low on your hips to prevent pressure on your spine.

Quick release buckle and a heavy duty ring in the front to attach your lead.

One size fits all.

The Canicross and Walking Belts work best combined with a line or lead with a bungee, and a harness for your dog/s.
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Zero DC Grizzly Belt

***Order a Grizzly Belt during September 2019 and receive a FREE Finnish Hook with it!***

This well padded Canicross/Skijoring Belt is made by Zero DC. Also suitable for walking and hiking with your dog. The belt has got removable leg loops and reflective tape for better visibility in the dark. A large pocket in the back and a small carabiner and an O-ring for attaching keys and other small items on.

The belt should be sitting low on your hips to avoid pressure on your back. The leg loops, when correctly adjusted, prevent the belt from riding up onto your waist, but you also have to option to remove them completely.

The line or lead is attached onto a rope which runs along the front of the belt, allowing the line to slide across without turning the belt around in corners or if your dog runs to the side. We recommend using a carabiner (not included) for attaching your line onto the belt to prevent wear on the line, and also for it to slide smoother on the rope.

When measuring for size, the padded area should reach over your hip bones on both sides so that the adjustable webbing part does not rub.

Size S: Waist size: 55-65cm Length of Padded area: 58cm (Juniors)
Size M: Waist size 65-75cm Length of Padded area: 68cm (Juniors / Small Adults )
Size L: Waist size 75-95cm, Length of Padded area: 78cm (Most Adults)
Size XL: Waist size 95-110cm, Length of Padded area: 88cm (Large Adults)

The Canicross and Walking Belts work best combined with a line or lead with a bungee, and a harness for your dog/s.

We also have the S and M sizes available without leg loops - please leave a message at checkout if you prefer this option.

Lots of color options to match the Zero DC harnesses - if you wish to order a color we don't have in stock just leave a message at the checkout.

A "Finnish Hook" can be added for an extra $15 ( if you wish to add one please leave a message at checkout). The Finnish Hook allows you to connect your lead/line onto your belt easily and acts as a quick release. Complies with IFSS race rules.
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ManMat Belt with Detachable Leg Loops

This belt is suitable for running (canicross) or walking your dog. It is made from compressed, porous, water resistant materials and ensures good extended pulling power.

The belt should be sitting low on your hips and backside to avoid pressure on your back. The leg loops prevent the belt from riding up onto your waist but can also be completely removed.

One of the most comfortable and professionally designed belt on the market today. One size fits all.

The Canicross and Walking Belts work best combined with a line or lead with a bungee, and a harness for your dog/s.
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Trekking Belt by Non-Stop Dogwear

The new Trekking Belt is a real allround belt suitable for nearly everything, whether it’s Walking, Jogging, Hiking or Skijoring. The soft cushioning on the back, the attachment loops on the sides and the removable leg straps make it very versatile and easy to use. This popular Scandinavian design will change the way you experience exercising with your dog. It is fully adjustable on the hips for a perfect fit. Its superior padding will provide you with great lower back protection and comfort.

You can also attach the “Belt Bag” on the back of the Trekking Belt.

You can see an introduction video with fitting instructions at https://youtu.be/LIdS6U-Rduk .
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Ferd Belt by Non-Stop Dogwear

Ferd Belt is made for dog owners who spend a lot of time with their dog out in the nature, in demanding weather and expeditions where you need more than a traditional belt. The belt is highly technical with molded foam to ensure a perfect fit around the hips and distribute the pull ergonomically. It is extremely sturdy, with a hypalon reinforced fabric and aluminum buckles. It has two monoblock steel D-rings on each side for pulk attachment and a regular line attachment with a screw carabiner in the front for line attachment.

Made for the demanding conditions the belt has several loops where you easily can attach left over hooks, lines etc.

Additional equipment is the Belt Bag that can be attached onto the belt (see the item below - this needs to be ordered separately). The main pocket is a hardcase made from foam where you can fit your ration and extra smaller equipment. Inside the bag there is separate room for mobile phones. On the outside of the bag there is made room for one bottle that can be safely secured with an elastic line. The Belt Bag also fits the Trekking belt model.

Sizing is the length of the padded area of the belt (see image). When measuring make sure that this reaches over both of your hip bones.

S: 60cm - Hip circumference 90cm - weight approx ~60kg
M: 70cm - Hip circumference 100cm - weight approx ~80kg
L: 80cm - Hip circumference 110cm, weight approx ~100kg

When purchased together with the Belt Bag total price for both $220.00 ($5 discount).
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Dog Runner Belt

Makes running a pleasure!
A run in the mountains surrounding Bergen, Norway started it all. How to run naturally with your dog while having your hands free? A thought became an idea and the idea became DogRunner. Fasten your belt, turn on your music and start running. Enjoy!

This is a great option for exercising your pet dog "hands free" - it is suitable for walking, jogging or hiking. This belt works well also if your dog likes to run on your side while walking/jogging thanks to the retractable lead.

- 140 cm/4.6 ft retractable cord leash with handle loop
- Extra light weight (410 g)
- Two water bottles included (170 ml each)
- Pocket (14cm x 9cm) in the back for a cell phone or small items
- Reflective strip for better visibility at night
- Fully adjustable

Please note that if your dog likes to pull hard when running/walking we recommend the Non-Stop Canicross belt plus Running Line combination - or one of our other canicross belt/line combos instead.
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