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Non-Stop Bike Antenna

This Bike Antenna is manufactured by the Norwegian Non-Stop Dogwear.

The Bike Antenna is designed to stop the line from getting caught in the front wheel when dropped. It can be used for both bikes and scooters with usual handlebars.

When fitting the Bike Antenna the minimum distance to be used under the handle bars should be 10 mm. See the installation instructions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyPI5Ygcicc.


Windog Flexible Bikejoring Arm

This Bikejoring Arm is designed to keep the lines away from the front wheel of your bike or scooter when your dog is pulling in the front.

Made of strong but flexible Acoflex, covered in rip-stop material. Attach your lines to the stem of your bike or scooter and pull it through the loop in the end of the arm. Please note: do not attach the line directly onto the Bikejoring Arm - it is only designed to keep the line away from the wheel, not to take the pulling pressure.

Easy to fit, universal fitting to fit most bikes and scooters. Simple idea which works great!

Black colour only.

Shipping cost:
South Island Tracked Parcel $8.50 (RD $12.20)
South Island Courier $14.70 (RD $18.40)
North Island Tracked Parcel $12 (RD $15.70)
North Island Courier Post $28 (RD $31.70)
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Cycleash Universal Bicycle Leash

A must-have for cyclists, the Cycleash is the most advanced bicycle leash on the market. Cycleash is the safest way to exercise your dog, so don’t risk riding your bike while holding your dog’s leash in your hand - gain full control of your bike and enjoy your Shock-Less ride in total safety.

Suitable for in-town use or where you need more control over your dog.

• Shock-Less TPR Technology
• Ultra Light Alloy
• Ergonomic Curved Bar
• Advanced Design Clip Barrel
• Double Use Connection (up to two dogs simultaneously) .

Please note: The Cycleash Universal Bicycle Leash is best suited for medium and large dog breeds. Remember to build your dog's fitness level slowly and adjust your speed to suit your dog. Also check your dog's paws on a regular basis especially if you bike on paved roads - this can be hard on a dog's feet as well as joints and bones. Ideally you should avoid having your dog running on pavement and ride on grass and dirt surfaces.

For your dog's comfort and safety we recommend using a harness on your dog when attached to the Cycleash.
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Cycblock - Extra Bike Connection for Cycleash

The Cycblock spare connection for Cycleash allows you to easily share a single leash with multiple bikes. Replacement connector.
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